UKTV in Australia is preparing for a full run-though of Red Dwarf. Following the success of the New Year Red Dwarf marathon, Australian satellite channel UKTV is putting in the red alert bulb for its weekly broadcast of all 52 episodes. From Wednesday, March 6th at 10.30pm you can follow the full sequence of events that led a Liverpool loser to become the last human alive... and then smeg that up as well. For those who miss the Wednesday night broadcast - or who love the show so much that once just won't be enough - a repeat is scheduled on Saturdays, also at 10.30pm. Those nice UKTV people spoil you, they really do. The New Year marathon also gave UKTV much cause to celebrate long after the hangovers had come and gone. The channel's ratings were six times higher than the previous average for the timeslot, reaching more than 405,000 people - proving once again the huge popularity of the show downunder. becomes one of three nominees for the prestigious Indie New Media award! Well, you could have knocked us down with a shami kebab - has been nominated for PACT's New Media Indie award. And we didn't even bribe anyone! PACT (the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) members have voted for the 2002 awards, with the final nominees for the Indies going though to be reviewed by a panel of good-looking, talented, dedicated and, above all, easily-flattered judges. (We hope.) The two other websites nominated for the award are Big Brother's massive online ratings-winner for Channel 4, and, the magazine website from BBC2's acclaimed drama, Attachments. And if you're wondering how ended up in such illustrious company, you're not the only ones! The final result will be announced on Wednesday, March 13th at a special awards ceremony at BBC TV centre studios. Independent production companies will vie for Indie awards in fields such as drama, light entertainment and documentary.